Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cold-Pressed Juices at La Juiceria Detox Bars!

After months of online operations, La Juiceria finally opened its doors to customers at 2 locations. They are selling individual cold-pressed juices for everyone to enjoy. Made from purely vegetables and fruits, all the goodness from nature. Natural, no preservatives nor additives. The shelf-life is very short due to it being RAW and UNPASTEURIZED.

Many of their online customers keep coming back for juices. Why? Simply -- we are meant to consume vegetables and fruits. However, with modern life, we end up eating tons of processed foods. One way to "reboot" the way we eat is through Cold-Pressed Juices!

Just like what happened to me and my family --- we eat more veggies now, drastically lowered down meat and coffee consumption, lost weight and generally healthier!

La Juiceria opened 2 new Detox Bars this October 2014.

Locations include : Hartamas and Mid-Valley Megamall.

Some of the nice photos taken from La Juiceria Instagram:

La Juiceria OCT 18, 2014 Opening Day at Mid Valley Megamall
LGK-08 beside McDonalds and Aeon BIG Supermarket

One of the stuff that sets them apart ... Superfood Smoothies without ICE. Pure vegetables and fruits plus Superfoods!

Opening day at Sri Hartamas. 22 Jalan Sri Hartamas 8, beside My Elephant Thai Restaurant and same row as Podgy and the Banker Cafe

One of their customers ;)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hamasho at Desa Sri Hartamas

If you are looking for an authentic Japanese with no-frills, this is the place you can check out. Be warned you might smell a bit BBQ-ish after dinner... hence not a nice "date" place (haha).

Some of the more interesting parts were BBQ-ing on your table ala traditional way. Literally a guy was standing there BBQ-ing one by one the dishes we ordered.

The green tea rice was interesting!!!
Definitely a must-try in my record.

Full house on a Friday night, this small joint is as close as you can get for authentic Japanese around our neighborhood.

A mix of Japanese staff and locals will serve you, and they did the BBQ in front of us.

Simple, unpretentious and cozy place. Beware though, people smoke inside the restaurant.

Simple menu with lots of veggie and seafood to offer, especially tempting for us as we didn't want any meat for tonight.

The highlights were the green tea rice with salmon, the grilled squid, and the grilled garlic.

You'll get smoky after a meal, however it was worth it! 

Full house on Friday night

BBQ on your table!

Vegetarian option for us!

Personal BBQ guy ;)

Bill for 2 person. 

Accepts cash only at the moment (September 2014).

Desa Sri Hartamas
Same row as the Sugimoto.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Live Music at One Mont Kiara

Happy with the face lift of One Mont Kiara. Just as I had predicted, the place on a Friday night is packed! Happily pleasant walking to one Mk from our condo, quick dinner at The Barn and listened to live music at Tapas Craft Beer Bar. Tons of expats all making their way there walking from their abodes.

Definitely conventient and a welcome change to the neighborhood. 

Friday evenings just got easier, especially for working couples like us. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fahrenheit 600 at Publika

Decent place for hot chocolate! 
Spacious. Easy access if you park at Publika or the roadside of publika.

Nice ambience.

Pizza seems to be one of their top along stuff but we didn't order that.

Salad was decent. Hot chocolate superb. 

Nice presentation of my baby food which was heated up and presented in a wood board and plate. 

Daughter's turkey ham and cheese was okay. Ben's was better. 

Fahrenheit at Publika

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Barn, One Mont Kiara

After a long hiatus of not eating meat, we decided to go for a treat. Mostly because we were curious of what this new place has to offer.

Pleasantly happy that One Mont Kiara did its renovation and facelift. Many new stuff around, from H&M clothing to new restaurants, like the Barn. 

What attracted me was the thought of having small plates (like tapas). That way we can sample a number of things rather than get stuck with something huge.

We sampled their tapas selection, they had different price ranges available.

Ambience was nice. As I walked around, I was impressed with the decor. Soon, I realized that the place is huge! Told hubby about the other sunken area which had a small stage (for live music), plus their walk-in wine chiller room. Wow, wow! This only means one thing: Mont Kiara residents like us don't have to go to Alexis in Ampang for some live music... And we can even walk to this place and drink a few glasses without worrying about driving back home!!! I'm sure tons of expats will think of the same thing. Glad they opened in the hood.

Food overall was okay. Service was also okay as waiters were new. Top favorite was the pizza which my daughter ordered. 

Pork stuff -- okay, nothing out of this world. 

Thoroughly enjoyed the eggplant and shrimp tapas we ordered. Oh, and also the squid rings.

Presentation and ambience -- two thumbs up!

Pricing is average -- not too expensive. I found La Bodega more pricey.

Overall-- will definitely come back to check out the rest of the stuff. 

Nice ambience and design

Another seating which has live music

Spacious and modern design

Seats near the entrance

Ready to eat!

Nicely presented tapas

Close up of our favorites -- the eggplant and the shrimp


Pizza - definitely yummy!

Cheese platter - nicely presented

Our Meal

Small tapas of pork

Interior design

Our Bill! This is 3 adults, 1 child.

The Barn
1 Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara, KL
(in front of Plaza Mont Kiara)
Phone 03-62115620

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chocolate Overdrive at Salon Du Chocolat

Whenever I pass by the little chocolate place at Publika, I would see well-filled tables. I decided to take a peak one evening. My daughter saw the marshmallow stick they displayed at their window and kept bugging me about it. Today we decided to finally give it a try. We finally sat down, ordered the marshmallow stick smothered with chocolate. She definitely enjoyed every bit of it!

Choco-smothered marshmallow -- worth trying! The coffee latte was so-so. 

I took a small taste of the choco from my daughter's order and I understand why people come back. The choco had high quality taste-- far from the synthetic syrup type of taste that is served elsewhere. 

Would we come back? Yes. For the marshmallow stick with chocolate. 

How about for the molten lava chocolate cake with ice cream? Yes definitely will come back for that. A small indulgence from time to time. 

Salon Du Chocolat
Publika , beside Ben's and also near San Francisco Coffee. 
Near the escalator.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Ramadan 2014 Gift Idea

For those looking for a unique gift this Ramadan, do check out La Juiceria's Limited Edition Almond Dates Mylk. This is lactose-free milk which is made from almonds and premium Medjool dates. For sure it's something unique! Delicious and creamy -- no additives not preservatives. Visit La Juiceri'a website to order online. 

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